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Sage, Thicket & CamoLand for a Western Camo!

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River Bottoms®

River Bottom Kit Did Both of these Pics!

One CamoLand Kit Used on all three PicsReverse the stencil sequence and put the bark on top, Just Like Your Favorite Camo Patterns!

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The Industry Leader Since 1997!

Reelfoot Custom Camo Company has partnered with the following companies to bring you the best camouflage products and services in the industry today !!

Reelfoot Custom Camo® Stencils offer today's hunter a variety of choices.  Paint your favorite hunting equipment with our Reelfoot River Bottoms® Pattern camouflage stencils and watch it blend in the marsh or field.

Boat painting, auto painting or any custom painting in camouflage is made easy with our mylar stencil kits.  With a variety of stencils available you can create your own camouflage designs.  Check out the order button to view the available stencil kits.

Say good-bye to poster board, wax paper, oil board and fern leaves.  They can't come close!  These kits are simple to use and clean-up is easy!  Kits include detailed instructions.

Whether hunting in the spring, fall or winter, Reelfoot Custom Camo® Stencils will get the job done!

Photos of Actual Painted Patterns!!!

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Paint Like a Pro! with the Original Camo Stencils!!!

World Premier Custom Camo Stencil Company

We"ve been the OEM design company behind the big boat manufactures for years!

We Did It First!  You've Known our Quality  and  you have used our products  from :

Mack' s Prairie Wings, Herters, Cabela's, Bass Pro, Aervo Industries, and Styx River Outdoors over the years! Some have gone out of business, others (previous distributors) decided to compete against us, but rest assured we have you the customer in mind when we sell our kits!

From Professional Painters to the back yard "Picaso's" See what you can do below!

For Painting Services See our "Custom Service Centers" Link for more info!

Truck has had a the paint job for 2 yrs. it was done with rattle can. So when it gets messed up in the wood I can fix it cheep. Great product you have. Have painted several items including a shoot house with your stencils. Thanks for your great stencils. 


What Clients Say About Us

Thought I would send a few pics to add to your web site. Love your products and have told all my friends. My truck came out GREAT and I have had many favorable comments? Thank you for a wonderful product!! 

Steve Thomas

I put you "River Bottom" stencils to use on my bass Hunter and I am very pleased with the results.  Thanks so much for your reasonable prices and fast shipping. I will be sure to share your products to others on the web and my fishing club forum at

Alscj5@ *****.com