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Forty-three year old Ricky Torres is from Opelousas, Louisiana. Ricky is an avid hunter and fisherman. Moreover, he loves the outdoors—boating, jet skiing, hiking, and camping—as well as spending time with his family and two dogs. In high school, Ricky participated in as many art classes as were offered. In the years since, he has showed his work on boats and vehicles at an array of competitions, winning several awards.

Since childhood, Ricky studied and practiced different forms of art. He holds several specialized degrees in different artistic fields. Camo Designs by Ricky was born after Ricky, an avid outdoorsman, began sketching camouflage designs. He soon realized no other companies existed that offered custom, realistic camouflage paint jobs reminiscent of hunting environments. He began bringing his ideas to life through painting his own hunting equipment, weapons, vehicles, and boats.

Word of Ricky’s custom work spread to sportsman. At first, he worked from a small shop he built in his backyard. It wasn’t long before he outgrew the space and purchased a large warehouse that formerly housed an auto body and repair business. It was the perfect place to house the boats and vehicles he transformed into camouflage masterpieces.  

As a perfectionist, Ricky diligently and meticulously paints his designs. He consults with clients to put their individual needs first. Ricky often refers to specific photographs or creates unique painting effects to accommodate clients’ wishes. Camo Designs by Ricky exists to cater and create unique designs that allow sportsman to become more effective by getting into closer proximity with waterfowl and game.

Ricky established Camo Designs by Ricky, LLC in 1998 in Lafayette, Louisiana. He remains active as the chief artist, painter, and designer at Camo Designs by Ricky.
He is now a partner in N-Ovation Camo Systems along with Reelfoot Custom Camo Owner John Wells.N-Ovation is now the Premier Custom Camo Company/Service in the World! These two together are nothing short of UNSTOPPABLE!

Ricky’s work has been featured on multiple television shows and networks such as Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Myth Busters, Modern Marvels, North American Turkey Hunter TV, the Las Vegas SEMA show, the U.S. Shot Show, Predator TV, Voodoo Outdoors TV Pro Staffer, Kryptek Pro Staff Painter, and RNT TV. Additionally, Ricky’s work has been presented in an abundance of hunting and fishing magazines. He has hunted and attended church with the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty after painting for them. Additional renowned clients include Jacob Landry and Liz Choate of Swamp People. With his work scattered across four continents, Ricky continues to create innovative and artistic designs, meeting his customers’ needs.

The N-Ovation Group remains the only professional custom design and camo painting company in the world with its own brand of paint, and multiple Camo Service Center locations throughout the U.S South. Each  offering the same camo system, products, and warranty backed work.

Over the last eighteen years, Camo Designs by Ricky has completed thousands of jobs and produced thousands of satisfied customers.

By Rickey