G6 Sierra TM - 1 Gal Black Base with Brown and Tan shadowing, then Evergreen , Brown, and Black pattern

G6 Savanah TM - 1 Gal Tan Base, 2 Quarts Dark Brown, 2quarts Autumn Brown

G6 Oceans TM 

And Plenty More to Come!

G6 Maurauder TM - 1 Gal Tan Base, 2 Quarts Brown, 2 Quarts Dark Brown

G6 RangerTM1 Gal Tan (Base) 3 Quarts   Evergreen, 1 Quart Dark Brown, 2 Quart Brown, 2 Quart OD Green

Our Military Patterns Very In Size To Fit Your Tactical Needs!!!

Coming Soon!

 G6 BlazeTMand More!

G6 Mil Spec TM -1 Gal Tan Base then  Evergreen, Brown, Autumn Brown, OD Green, Black pattern

We're just not another fashion statement...WE ARE CAMOUFLAGE! 

G6 Bayou TM1 Gal Brown (Base), 1 Quart Tan, 3 Quarts OD Green, 2 Quarts Black

G6 AT TM (All Terrain) -1 Gal Tan Base then  1 Quart Evergreen, 2 Quarts Autumn Brown, 1 Quart Black 

G6 Whiteout TM - 1 Gal Gray Base with 2 Quarts Charcoal Gray shadowing, then "Lightly" 2 Quarts Black pattern. Do not Overspray pattern leave bright.

G6 Blue Mirage TM 

G6 Mirage TM - 1 Gal Black Base with  1 Quart Tan shadowing, 2 Quart OD Green,  2 QuartsBrown,

2 Quarts Black pattern

G6 Arctic Blue TM 

G6 Night-OPs TM - 1 Gal Gray Base with 2 Quarts Charcoal Gray shadowing, then Lightly 1 Quart Black and 1 Quart Gray pattern. Overspray pattern with Light flat black fogging to darken.

G6 Mariner TM - 1 Gal Gray Base with 2 Quarts heavy Blue shadowing, then 2 Quarts Heavy Black and 1 Quart Gray pattern Overspray pattern with flat black fogging to darken as desired. 

- Military Equipment Contractors

- Law Enforcement Vehicles

- Marine Application on small assault craft up to 38 Ft. vessels

- Any Large Equipment

Or any Retail Hunting Equipment!

 G6 BlackOut TM  - 1 Gal Gray Base, 2 Quarts Charcoal Gray, 2 Quarts Black. Overspray pattern with flat black fogging to darken. 

G6 Sequoia TM - 1 Gal Black (Base), 2 Quart Dark Brown, 2 Quart Brown, 2 Quarts Autumn Brown

The Next Generation of Camo!

​We Custom Size Patterns and Colors to fit your Needs!!!

Contact us for details on how to secure a users license for your next philanthropy or becoming a partner!

email: John@reelfootcustomcamo.com

It was our goal to create a camo that was modern, functional, and represented all branches of the Military, Law enforcement, and Global Wildlife conservation efforts.

Reelfoot G6  was designed for use by organizations as a modern camo that can be worn by Mil-Op's, Law enforcement, Hunters, and anyone who supports our Heroes or fights to save endangered wildlife around the world! 

All to often when organizations raise funds for fallen heroes options are limited to either tired, outdated camo patterns or expensive big name camo manufactures. We wanted to break that mold and we did!

 Eight years in the making and available now for your organization. As the designer of  Reelfoot G we wanted to make a difference and give back to those who have given so much!

There are a host of camo patterns on the market, some of which are down right silly! Only in the United States do we run around with florals and solid linear shapes on our hunting gear! ​But Reelfoot G6  is highly functional, representing places around the globe where Heroes fight to keep Nations free and wildlife safe!

Contact us for details on how to secure a License/Training/Stencils and even Paint for your next Mil-OPs project. Become a Military/Law Enforcement camo partner today!

We Can Even Custom Match G6 to your Environment / Region of the World!!!

                                    PAINT COLORS REQUIRED                             


​​​​​​​​G6  (Global  6) is the first  Tribute Camouflage designed for all those who have served and currently serve  our Great Nation and  free nations around the world!

Around the Globe!  Across the 6 Major Continents ! 

​​​    Reelfoot G6 ©

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Reelfoot G6 is a licensed pattern for use by authorized service centers only.