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 Welcome, my name is John Wells, Owner and Designer of Reelfoot Custom Camo® Stencils. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the history of my Company.  With the close of the 1997 Waterfowl Season I wanted my 1648 Sea Ark camouflaged.  After some searching I soon realized that there wasn’t anything on the market that could help with my dilemma. I surely didn’t want to buy a new camouflage boat.

So like many others before me, I hand drew some artwork on poster board and painstakingly cut out my designs.  The paint job turned out so well that those who saw it convinced me to reproduce my work.


After several months of design, research and planning my first four patterns were produced.  I based my camo patterns on the plant life found in and around the Reelfoot Lake area where I hunted.  It was my idea that grass on a boat should look as if it were growing naturally or straight up.  The Thicket™ was designed to look just like Tennessee buck brush, found in the surrounding bottoms.  

The leaves were a different story.  Just short of not knowing what to do, I went to my front yard where a couple of 100+ year old trees stood and collected a few large leaves, which I traced.  Finally, the original bark stencil was just a random pattern where I tried to simulate the cracks found in those same two trees. With my drawings in hand I soon discovered that I had gotten lucky by getting in on the ground floor of what was soon to become an industry standard in stencil manufacturing, namely laser production.

The Reelfoot Custom Camo Company officially became a licensed business August of 1998. Our kits sold at waterfowl and hunting shows in the Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and Arkansas areas.  By 1999 we were in several retail locations in Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky.  Then our first national break came when Mack’s Prairie Wings in Stuttgart, Arkansas picked our product for their catalog.  It wasn’t long after that Herter’s did the same. 

Not only do we produce a great product for the everyday hunter, but we are also the Authorized Manufacturer and Field Agent for Kryptek®, RealTree®, Optifade®, and NatGear® Commercial Camo Stencil Application Process.  We service the majority of the marine manufactures and are expanding our horizons daily.

Our design work has taken us far. Thanks to Harold Knight for his vote of confidence in my concept along with sound advice from business professionals like Jim Strelic Marketing Manager of Knight & Hale Game Calls, not to mention many others, we have grown into a company providing both a quality product and service to the industry.

Today we've grown exponentially adding licensed Camo Service Centers and have partnered with Camo Designs Owned by Ricky TorresN-Ovation Camo Systems is now the Premier Custom Camo Company/Service in the World! These two together leaders in the industry are nothing short of UNSTOPPABLE!

Enjoy the web site, its hot links, and our stencils.  Remember if it doesn’t say Reelfoot Custom Camo® then it’s not the original! Designs with the Hunter in mind!

See Your Game Before It Sees You!™

John Wells,Ed.D, MS, CSP, CMIOSH

Owner & Designer